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Joseph Valente

With the popular television show returning to our screens this week, last year’s winner, Joseph Valente, reveals the secrets of his business success.

Free Guide - 50 Ways to make money
  • How to make more money online
  • Make money using your home
  • How to get the most out of your bank account


Whether you're struggling financially or just looking to make a bit on the side, finding additional sources of income can be invaluable. But there are so many ways you can earn a bit extra that it can be difficult to know where to start first.

A Free Guide to Inheritance Tax
  • Inheritance tax - the facts
  • Why you should be planning ahead
  • Inheritance tax reliefs you may be eligble for


Download the guide to inheritance tax to begin planning your legacy.

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    Topping up your income doesn't have to mean tightening your belt. Think outside the box or get inspired with 10 of our ideas.

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    Grandparents should be given greater access to unpaid leave by their employers in order to look after grandchildren, the TUC says.

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    The main reason for starting a business is to make money, and more than a third of budding entrepreneurs believe they would make more money running their own business than in traditional...

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    The UK ranks the worst in Europe for paid parental leave, according to the TUC.

  • Clutter

    Commit yourself to removing your clutter from your home and turn unwanted items into cash.

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    Cash-strapped households should look to the nation's second hand stores, markets and car boot sales if they wish to generate some much-needed cash this summer, according to personal asset lender...

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    Auction website eBay is a great place to get rid of junk and make some extra cash. Moneywise TV offers some tips on becoming a successful first-time seller.

  • Renting out a room can be very profitable. Under the government's rent-a-room scheme homeowners can earn up to £4,250 a year tax-free, a lodger can go a long way in helping to ease your family...

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    If you are desperate to get your hands on the new iPhone 5, make sure you don't sell yourself short by getting a bum deal on the sale of your old smartphone.

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    Crafting is hugely rewarding but turning it into a profitable business isn't as simple as making something and hoping someone will buy it. Hannah Ricci chats to James Broadwell, founder of Folksy...