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NHS or private dentistry? Pay as you go or a cash plan? Here, we fill you in on your rights and how you can pay for treatment.

Free Guide - 50 Ways to make money
  • How to make more money online
  • Make money using your home
  • How to get the most out of your bank account


Whether you're struggling financially or just looking to make a bit on the side, finding additional sources of income can be invaluable. But there are so many ways you can earn a bit extra that it can be difficult to know where to start first.

A Free Guide to Inheritance Tax
  • Inheritance tax - the facts
  • Why you should be planning ahead
  • Inheritance tax reliefs you may be eligble for


Download the guide to inheritance tax to begin planning your legacy.

  • Man studies student loan documents

    When your child sets off for university, a big worry is the debt trap that awaits them. But a little financial education before they go could help allay your fears, writes Nathalie Bonney.

  • Mother and child shopping

    From nappies to university fees, starting a family is an expensive business. But by simply reducing your household expenditure you can afford to spend more on your child, says Sam Barrett.

  • Child demands treats in a supermarket

    Until personal finance is included on the National Curriculum, it's up to parents to teach their children the value of money. Hannah Ricci reveals how learning the art of negotiation can save you...

  • One important stage of your child's financial education is to learn how to make money. Hannah Ricci meets some of Britain's youngest entrepreneurs who haven't let their age get in the way of a...

  • Child and dog on moor

    One way to teach children the value of money is giving them the opportunity to earn it. There are plenty of part-time jobs available for teenagers but before your kids get a job it's important you...

  • Deciding what will happen to your estate when you die is vital to ensure you don’t leave behind confusion and financial heartache.

  • A couple hold a newborn baby

    When you decide to have a baby the last thing you need is work worries. That's why the government has introduced new maternity rights designed to make life easier for mums. Sam Barrett looks at...