Online security

When was the last time you changed your password for Amazon, eBay or even your own bank? And when did you last back up your files or update antivirus software? Feeling sheepish? Then read our 17 tips to ward off the scammers.

  • Man with a will

    Will writers don't have to be qualified and aren't regulated. It's no wonder so many people end up getting scammed, says Sarah Coles.

  • Puppet

    It's not always immediately obvious that someone has stolen your identity. So what are the tell-tale signs that you have fallen victim?

  • Cowboy boot

    Dishonest tradesmen cost homeowners a small fortune, but there are ways to avoid being a victim, as Emma Lunn shows.

  • Padlock

    Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sneaky in convincing you to part ways with your money. Rebecca Atkinson looks at some of the tactics used by boiler rooms - and explains how you can fight back...

  • Woman on an exercise bike

    Cancelling gym membership - or making a complaint against fee hikes - can be notoriously hard. Sarah Coles explains what your rights are and how to handle your gym when disputes arise.

  • More and more people are paying criminals to deliberately crash their vehicles in order to receive an insurance payout. But, as Sarah Coles investigates, the scam doesn't just stop with the...

  • Welcome mat

    With social networking sites becoming increasingly popular Sarah Coles investigates whether we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to burglary and fraud.

  • Closed business

    The ongoing recession has led to a number of firms going into administration. Liam Tarry finds out what your rights are when a company you are dealing with goes bust.

  • Stop financial rip-offs

    Are you wasting your money on financial services you don’t need? Hannah
    Ricci finds out how you can save thousands by bringing this spending to
    a stop.

  • Psychic woman

    Consumer champion Tony Hetherington reports on how 'psychics' are offering to help stockmarket investors improve their fortunes - at a cost.