Computer bugs swarming over a phone

Technology has been a boon to fraudsters intent on getting their hands on your hard-earned savings. We highlight the warning signs to watch out for.

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    Cancelling gym membership - or making a complaint against fee hikes - can be notoriously hard. Sarah Coles explains what your rights are and how to handle your gym when disputes arise.

  • More and more people are paying criminals to deliberately crash their vehicles in order to receive an insurance payout. But, as Sarah Coles investigates, the scam doesn't just stop with the...

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    Are you wasting your money on financial services you don’t need? Hannah
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    Consumer champion Tony Hetherington reports on how 'psychics' are offering to help stockmarket investors improve their fortunes - at a cost.

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    Hannah Ricci takes a look at the most effective ways to maintain the security of your money online and the steps to take to protect your identity. Following these simple guidelines could prevent...

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    Tony Hetherington reports on a real estate venture headed by an expat with a history of working with less than scrupulous partners.

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    It's easy for your personal information to fall into the wrong hands which is why identity fraud is on the rise. Hannah Ricci investigates the real risk of fraud and reveals what steps you can...

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    The world of currency trading is a rapdily changing one, with potential for big profits - and losses. When one trading firm promised an offer that sounded too good to be true, Tony Hetherington...