The latest mobile phone rip-off

Most people now own a mobile phone but the tech speak some sales people use mean we don't always know what we're getting for our money.

When my phone contract was running out I decided I was happy and would stick with Vodafone.

I rang up and was told I could renew my existing contract and upgrade to a fancy new phone. So I did.

But they didn't tell me my contract had changed.

The unlimited internet package I was on no longer existed and I now had a data limit. I only found out when I started getting texts telling me I was almost over it.

According to Vodafone I had been told it has a "fair usage policy". Am I supposed to know that this means the internet package I had didn't apply anymore? Should I know what Vodafone classes as 'fair usage'?

All providers except three now have data limits. Go over them and you'll be charged a fiver for every 500 megabytes. Again, the networks expect us to know how much that is. I didn't know that meant downloading 12 songs a week or watching two hours of TV a month. Did you?

We all pay enough for our mobile phones. In fact, comparison site Billmonitor says we're wasting £195 a on average by being on the wrong tariffs. Perhaps if the salespeople didn't use so much jargon that wouldn't be the case?