The great broadband rip-off

Not only do broadband providers lack transparency, when it comes to contracts and internet speed, they are also getting away with offering inferior service. Moneywise's campaign is calling for an end to this behaviour.

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I have an 8Mb service with Freedom to Surf and get over 5Mb/s download speeds during the day, but this falls to around 1Mb/s in the evenings which I feel is totally unsatisfactory for the service I am paying for.

Maybe a fairer way to charge would be to base the service on the average speed of the connection with charges adjusted according to speed.

I as you can see have I sometimes go days when are unable to get anything whatsoever. Cannot answer or do e-mails before leaving house and have at times had a wasted journey because I could not get to read my e-mails or plan routes before leaving the house. At other times is is so slow I get really frustrated and feel like I have had enough

If you are disappointed with your broadband deal or service, sign our petition and we will campaign to clean up the market.

I am extremely disgruntled that I am unable to get just cheap broadband without having all the "package"that is involved. It is VERY difficult to untangle all these packages to find what one actually wants at the right price


I am on 10MB CABLE service and only receive 5MB, or less, in busy periods and the highest measured rates in quiet periods is 8.5MB. I pay for 10MB, imagine a fuel company that sold you 60% of the petrol you paid for because it suited them? I understand it is because they allocate insufficient band width to a group of customers (say 50) and you will get about up to 9MB if everybody else is not downloading significantly. Some suppliers are reputedly advertising that their underperforming service is not as bad another providers. Where is the Advertising Standards Authority?

The Government delay to (2012 to 2015) delivering Broadband to ALL homes is a disgrace - it would have compelled ISP's to employ people to do the job - do they want unemployment in the private sector?

Your statement that it is the lack of cable services is the cause underdilvery is untrue. It is true to say that companies cannot physically deliver high speeds by copper telephone wires over long distances is true.

I had the same problem for months with over 7 engineers out testing telephones etc. The next engineer to come out phoned his counterpart at the telephone exchange and lo and behold it was someone who actually new their job and said it was the throughput that was at fault he corrected there and then and we have never had another problem. Great speed now.

I still have a phone line connection which was OK for emails only, but is gradually getting less practical. Last year I got mobile pay as you go mobile broad band for a trip. At the time, the nearest coverage was 4 miles away, but since July works at home. It is fine for what I want to do (I struggle to use 1GB/month) and appears to be more reliable than BT broadband which my wife uses as a worker from home. The nearest tel exchange is about 5 miles away.

I too have an 8MB service with Freedom to Surf, but since they have been taken over by OPAL my download speed has dropped to 1\2MB, this applies to any time of the day.

I have been with Virgin Media (NTL) Broadband for years. My "on Paper Package is Size M (upto 10MB) but normal download speed in about 4.5 and upload 0.9 max. The reported speed is 8.5MB, but I have never recorded it. For this service I am currently paying £20.50 per month by DD. The only plus point is my cable modem is connected to a wireless router. This serves 2 desktop PC as well as 2 laptops and a notebook when necessary. I still think that the price I pay is too high for a very slow connection. 

Have BT Broadband at Up to 8Mbs. Have only ever reached 2.9Mb

Have Bt Broadband paying up to 20Mbs only getting 0.13. No this is not a error in typing!!!

F"S customer, since taken over by Opal now TalkTalk, speed has become abysmally slow, 1.2Mbps speed in the evening from an 8Mbps deal.
Absolutel cheaters.

I have made a complaint to the ASA concerning the use of the term ''Meg''. Speed is measured in megabits/second. These are the quotes you are getting. Not only is it ''trendy'' to use the term ''Meg'' but it hide the fact that the honest quote should be in megabits/second. Incidentally this is 8 times slower as there are 8 bits in a byte. I have rung countless Broadband suppliers who initially insist that the quote is in Megabytes. When pressed they say it is a ''slip of the tongue'' (It is amazing how widespread this term is). The ASA have written to me to say it shouldn't make much difference because (paraphrasing) the comparison is like for like. Also they are not actually committing an offence ''in the advert''.BUT BT have sent me an email insisting that they only work in Megabytes (untrue) and that there are 1,000kbts(sic) in a Mb. When are these people goiing to come clean. If you then factor into the argument the idea of ''up to'', when someone quotes you up to 24Meg this is in fact up to only 3 yes 3 Megabytes!!