Fight for your rights: Very blames the courier for my missing laptop

Reader: I bought a laptop from Very but had to arrange for it to be repaired on its extended warranty.

The collection was due to be picked up from my workplace. I received a text message with a pick-up slot around lunchtime, followed by a phone call from the driver in the morning informing me that he was in the area and therefore coming to collect it earlier, which he did.

After not hearing anything about the repaired laptop I started chasing and discovered the laptop had been misdelivered to a different company, which denied having received it.

I went back to Very, which said the responsibility was with the delivery company, but the parcel firm said it had simply done its job. So three firms were involved but none are prepared to take responsibility for my missing laptop. Where do I go from here?


Simon: The responsibility seemed clear to Fight For Your Rights: Very had arranged the pick-up and should carry the can for the cock-up. We approached the online retailer’s owner, Shop Direct, and asked it to investigate.

Once we intervened it acted very quickly and discovered that the laptop had been picked up by the wrong courier and delivered to the wrong address. When the right courier arrived, he was told the laptop had already been picked up.

That miscommunication led to the company’s staff not being able to tell SA what had happened, which led to her being fobbed off. The company apologised for the mistake and the poor service and has offered a full £359 refund for the computer plus £150 to cover the inconvenience caused.

A spokesperson for Shop Direct commented: “We’d like to say sorry for the mix-up and the poor service the customer received in this case. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of service so will learn from these mistakes to try to ensure they’re not repeated.”

SA was satisfied, saying: “After months of hassle and inconvenience I am pleased with the result. Thank you very much for the help provided.”

However, she added: “It’s sad that Very only reacted promptly and tried to solve issues once you got involved.”

OUTCOME: £359 refund plus £150 goodwill payment