Fight for your Rights IKEA has messed up my delivery

I ordered two Dombas wardrobes and a wardrobe tidy for £168 from IKEA and paid £35 for delivery, which was scheduled for Sunday between 10.30am and 2.30pm. I waited in until 4pm and then called customer services.

I was told that the driver had rang our doorbell, but he said no one was in. He described our door as green when it is black, and he also said there was a garage on the side, which we don’t have, so clearly he had gone to the wrong address.

IKEA rearranged the delivery for the following day between 7am and 7pm. Then I got a call to say that it couldn’t deliver that day after all.

This really is a nightmare. I booked a handyman to assemble the wardrobes and had to cancel him twice. I have also booked time off work to wait in for this delivery.

Can you help?


It is really frustrating when retailers expect customers to wait in hours for a delivery and then
just don’t turn up – especially if you’ve taken time off work.

When I spoke to IKEA, it confirmed that the delivery would take place the next day. It
also gave the customer a £60 gift card and two meal vouchers.


Jason Richards, IKEA’s customer care manager, says: “We naturally want all of our customers to be happy with the service they receive, and we have been in direct contact with SK to apologise. We have now resolved this matter to her satisfaction.”

SK says: “The wardrobe has finally been delivered. Thank you for sorting it out so quickly.”

Outcome: IKEA has sent a £60 gift card and vouchers for two meals