Fight for your rights: I lost my warm home discount with OVO

In December 2015, I switched from EDF to OVO Energy. I had been on the priority services register for 10 years and had the warm home discount credited to my account while with EDF.

I told OVO of my situation before I made the switch but, due to OVO’s lack of communication about the process, I lost the warm home discount.

I don’t see why I should have to lose out because I was not informed that the timing of my switch would mean I would lose the discount.


This story is a warning to anyone switching energy firms who gets the warm home discount, worth £140 off an electricity bill for those who qualify. [To be eligible, you have to get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.]

In JB’s case, OVO said it had no record of him claiming the discount when he switched and so didn’t add it to his account. However, it has received his application for the current year’s
discount and that has been applied.

Fight For Your Rights pointed out that JB was eligible for the discount last year and it was only confusion about how to apply that meant he didn’t get it. We asked OVO to reconsider its decision.

An OVO Energy spokesperson said: “After looking into the case in detail, we have now agreed to offer your reader a £70 goodwill gesture.”

If you don’t want to lose the discount, it’s important to know how and when to claim it if you switch suppliers and, crucially, to check that the supplier is part of the scheme, as many newer firms offering great deals don’t offer the discount.

To check if a supplier is on the scheme, visit

Outcome: OVO offers reader £70 goodwill gesture.