Fight for your Rights: B&Q has been slow to fix my poorly designed bathroom

I had a bathroom and kitchen installed by B&Q in July 2015. Unfortunately, I let the B&Q planner go ahead with the bathroom without seeing any plans fi rst. A shower was installed behind a door. It’s awkward to get in and out of it and water gathers on the floor.

There is a ‘dead’ wasted area of space, which I can’t get to because the bathroom has been so poorly designed. The skirting board was removed even though I hadn’t decided whether to paint or tile the are, so I had no choice but to tile.

An independent plumber told me that the whole bathroom needs ripping out and redesigning. Issues in the kitchen are more minor; a kitchen door has ‘blown’ (expanded due to damp) and there is a bad smell coming from the kitchen sink, which I can’t get rid of.

Shortly after the bathroom and kitchen were installed, I tried to get B&Q to rectify the situation, but the firm has been very slow in dealing with this. Can you help?

CM/Northern Ireland

CM turned to Moneywise back in December with her tale of woe after enduring almost a year and a half of frustrating dealings with the firm. Fight For Your Rights leapt into action, but it took three further months of negotiation and talking to the firm.

Are such delays acceptable? We don’t believe so, although the fault was partly because it took some time to arrange for B&Q to visit the house as CM wasn’t always available. It was also foolhardy for CM to allow works to go ahead without viewing the plans first.

However, when things do go wrong, it’s only fair to judge firms on how they deal with things. And on that measure B&Q came up woefully short.

Happily, it looks as though the firm is at last taking positive action. A B&Q spokesperson said: “We’d like to apologise to your reader for her frustrating experience. We are continuing to support her in the resolution of her complaint and we will be making alterations to her bathroom, kitchen and cloakroom to resolve the issues. She has also been offered a gesture of goodwill in recognition of the inconvenience caused.”

Outcome: Repairs worth around £2,000 and goodwill offer of £500

Your Comments

I worked for BQ years ago and worked in showroom.
The fitting service BQ offer is a rip off and they use contractors they overcharge for fitting and quite frankly you should not use them for fitting.
Most times fitting costs thousands more than the goods.
If you must buy from them,get a private fitter,but be warned many fitters dont want to fit the poor quality they sell you!
The kitchens are ok,but again get your own fitter.The bathrooms
are poor quality and you are better buying from online or Wickes,or Victoria bathrooms online.Their cheap baths are crap and you can see your hand through them!
I am glad I left as all I did was to try and sort complaints out! be it bathrooms/kitchens or conservatories.
Dreadful place to work and I was constantly bullied,I mean really bullied! made to come down from my breaks and lunch hour
Their prices are so expensive,so shop at screwfix,
while screwfix are in the sames group as BQ they are far far better managed and much cheaper!
I wasted so many years there and am glad its over.
My advice is shop elswhere and there are many good fitters about who wont rip you off!