Consumer protection

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Shoppers now have more protection than ever, thanks to a massive shake-up of consumer rights law. Find out what the change means for your rights with our guide.

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    You are often liable for bills received at your property, even if they're not directly addressed to you. Nathalie Bonney investigates one Moneywise reader's billing problems.

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    Moneywise comes to the rescue of a couple who lost more than £600 when the claims management firm, Cartel, went bust.

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    Moneywise heads to the countryside and finds out why rural areas are such a low priority for broadband providers.

  • ferry

    We arrange compensation for a couple left stranded when LD Lines cancelled their channel crossing.

  • Esther Rantzen

    Credit cards are a wonderful thing, with the ability to transfer money to anyone, anywhere in the world. But while the technology is great, the customer service leaves something to be desired,...

  • It seems banks nowadays are so busy with their own problems that they have forgotten their own customers. Esther Rantzen mourns the death of the friendly bank manager.

  • Parking can be a real problem in both big cities and small towns and getting a parking ticket can be really frustrating. But there are options open to you if you feel you have been treated...

  • missed flight

    Have you ever missed a flight and found yourself out of pocket? Moneywise fights for the rights of a reader who has hit a brick wall trying to claim money back following a nightmare journey.