Consumer protection

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Shoppers now have more protection than ever, thanks to a massive shake-up of consumer rights law. Find out what the change means for your rights with our guide.

  • Shoppers at John Lewis now face no time limits on returns. Nathalie Bonney finds out how the new policy compares with its rivals on the high street.

  • Trust is crucial when it comes to financial products, but over the past decade this trust has been shattered. In this episode of Moneywise TV, Jeremy King, explains what Moneywise is doing to help...

  • Esther Rantzen

    Esther Rantzen laments the decline of old-fashioned courtesy in service.

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    Many companies slap on an extra charge just for 'processing' our payments. But is this right, questions Johanna Gornitzki.

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    Complaints to the Ombudsman about financial institutions increased by 15% in the last six months last year compared with the first half of 2010.

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    If you've ever been left seething after experiencing bad customer service, then it's time to get your own back. Rachel Lacey explains how the Moneywise Customer Service Awards aim to celebrate the...

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    As a nation, we’re not the best at complaining – but making the effort to speak up when things go wrong is often well worth it. In this episode of Moneywise TV, Rachel Lacey looks at...

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    It's not just our bank accounts that are at risk of being scammed - fraudsters are now posing as IT security experts to hack into our computers to access personal information. Moneywise scambuster...

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    Identity theft is on the increase, with a 20% rise in reported impersonations in the first three months of 2010. Nathalie Bonney explains how you can protect yourself - and your money - from...

  • Many of us hate going to the dentist as it is, without having to worry about being overcharged. Johanna Gornitzki sinks her teeth into the subject.