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Incompetent and unreliable....Atlaschoice New Query Received [#9674521]


I am very upset with Atlas choice as they have completely ignored me for the past months. I booked a car online through them in April 2013 and at the very same minute, I called them to confirm if there were any other charges involved. And yes there were because I had to drop the car off in another location from where I picked it up. Upon hearing this, I immediately requested the cancellation of my booking. I was advice to send an email immediately but to bear in mind that there may be cancellation charges. But since that day till present I haven't received anything from this company. 

I've called several times last year between May and August, and the said that they will refund my money. On the 7th of January 2014, I spoke to an adviser, Murielle, she told me that my case was closed. I asked her how can they closed the case when they haven't refunded the money back? So she had to send a message for the reopening of the case. And since then I haven't heard from them. BUT IF I WAS THE ONE OWING THEM I WOULD HAVE BEING DISTURBED BY DEBT COLLECTORS RESULTING TO A BAD CREDIT RATING.



We need to stop this from happening. A lot of people are going through this same scenario and do nothing about it. So this gives them confident to continue in their treachery ways. This is not fair at all. So if you have experienced the same thing as me with this same company or any other, please contact me so that we can work together to fight for our rights.

I have wasted so much time running after them and they have taken me for granted. I will make sure I set an example with them that they will never forget in this life or the next to come. 


Hope to hear from you soon.


Atlaschoice car rental quoted a figure online but took higher amount upfront.
Beware! Such activity is classed as fraud.
I asked them to refund but they said NO as they are not regulated by anyone.

I finally got my money back. I will NOT and NEVER recommend Atlaschoice to anyone.