Retirement lifestyle

Enjoying a discount

Whether you are eating out, shopping or enjoying a day out there are plenty of discounts to tempt older customers. Make sure you aren’t missing out with our round up of the best deals.

Shop around for the best Pension Funds
  • Browse all Pension Funds available through your pension provider
  • Filter by performance, holdings and sectors to narrow down your selection
  • View up to four fund information pages side by side


Moneywise offers a comparison tool that will help you to find the best performing funds within seconds.

Shop around for the best annuity rate
  • Obtain quotes from a number of leading annuity providers
  • Shop around for a better annuity rate without the need for a financial adviser
  • Possibility of receiving an 'enhanced’ annuity depending on your medical situation


The Moneywise Compare Annuities service is provided by Just Retirement Solutions Limited. Moneywise Publishing Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative to Just Retirement Solutions Limited.

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