Managing your pension

Don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to building your pension. Here, we look at the issues you simply can't ignore.

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Moneywise offers a comparison tool that will help you to find the best performing funds within seconds.

Shop around for the best annuity rate
  • Obtain quotes from a number of leading annuity providers
  • Shop around for a better annuity rate without the need for a financial adviser
  • Possibility of receiving an 'enhanced’ annuity depending on your medical situation


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  • Buying an annuity can take a matter of seconds, but with rates varying greatly, it pays to invest some time choosing the best possible one.

  • shot of Stuart Chapman

    Our expert advises a reader on his retirement objectives and weighs up the pros and cons of various pension options.

  • pension in dictionary

    If you've got more than one pension it could make sense to bring them all together into one big pot, says Faith Glasgow.

  • cup of tea top-up

    One of our pension experts advises a Moneywise reader who is unsure whether to stick with their civil service pension scheme or look to invest money elsewhere.

  • eggs in basket

    A self-invested personal pension offers a wide range of investments, but you should be careful not to pay for what you don't need, suggests Ceri Jones.

  • Crossroads

    Should you take the inducements on offer to leave a pension scheme or sit tight and hope? A proactive mindset will help. Sam Barrett looks at the options.

  • Stop clock

    As the end of the tax year approaches, many people must act fast if they wish to draw pension benefits. Ceri Jones explains all - and offers some more pension planning tips.

  • Man scanning horizon

    A Moneywise reader wants to know the secret to hunting out the best annuities - IFA Francis Klonowski offers his advice.

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    To encourage us to put more into our pensions, eligible workers will be automatically enrolled into a new workplace pension called a personal account from 2012. But will these accounts encourage...

  • Cut-out

    The government has proposed new rules to help more women qualify for a state pension. However, the measures have been condemned as 'window dressing'. Rob Griffin investigates what people's options...