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The pension freedoms allow you to build a financial plan that works for you. But with so many choices, it’s easy to make expensive mistakes. We reveal the 10 biggest banana skins you need to avoid.

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    There are now no rules dictating what you do with your pension. Get the low down on your options with our guide.

  • Question marks

    If you only have a very small pension, the chances are you'll cash it in, or if you have a very large one you'll more than likely go into drawdown.

  • Retirement planning for ill health

    If you aren't in good health, you may need to take extra care deciding what to do with your pension savings.

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    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has attacked the government for making pension reforms that mean people are abandoning annuities and risking running out of money...

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    Last year, the government took everyone by surprise and announced plans for a secondhand annuity market that will enable policyholders to sell unwanted guaranteed income for a cash lump sum.

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    The overhaul of the UK pension system has made income drawdown open to all. Find out how it works with our guide.

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    From 6 April 2016, new retirees will receive a flat rate of up to £155.65 a week, but not everyone will get the full amount. Here we explain the new scheme and identify the winners and losers....

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    From the age of 55 you should, theoretically, be able to treat your pension like a bank account – taking out what you need when you need it – but while some pension companies have embraced the...

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    The average private rental property generated an annual return of £24,221 in the year to March, according to Kent Reliance – just £3,000 less than the average UK salary in 2014.

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    A secure retirement in the shape of a gold-plated nest egg is what we all strive for, and it’s for this reason that final salary pensions are such a coveted perk. So whether you’re relying on one...