Just half an hour for Brits to pick a home

Property viewings

House buyers in the UK will decide on the property they want to buy in less than half an hour, according to new research.

Property portal Zoopla found that Brits typically take just 27 minutes to view a property in person and to decide to buy it – about the same time as it takes to watch an episode of Coronation Street.


Meanwhile, 24% of buyers make a snap decision in 10 minutes or less. Buyers in the East of England seem to take the most time deciding to choose a home they have viewed, taking 32 minutes to make a decision.

Surprisingly, Brits take three times as long to choose a sofa – at 88 minutes – than the home that it will sit in. They also take twice as long (59 minutes) to choose a home appliance.

Other purchases that buyers will spend longer mulling over are a car (89 minutes), a laptop or computer (71 minutes), and a smartphone (46 minutes).

Just over half of the 2,092 adults polled said they made an offer on the same day they viewed the property, with 45% saying that they knew the property was the one they wanted as soon as they stepped through the door.

However, Zoopla reveals that the average house hunter spends 75 hours over the course of 15 weeks in both online and estate agents’ visits and typically have eight viewings before they find their dream home.

Zoopla spokesperson Lawrence Hall says: “The process of buying a home is a hugely emotive one and while a quick decision can help secure a property in a fast-moving market, it's essential to keep a strong head and do as much research online and with your local agent to help build knowledge prior to viewings and making an offer."


Average time spent before purchasing (by item)

Item Average in minutes
Car 88.8
Sofa 88.1
Laptop or computer 70.6
Home appliance 59.1
Wedding dress 57.0
Smartphone 46.1
Tablet 36.6
Watch 33.9
Coat 23.5
Jeans 21.4
Shoes 16.1
Games console 10.5
Designer handbag 10.1

Source: Zoopla, April 2017