EU Referendum: Chancellor says taxes likely to rise

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Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed he “absolutely” expects taxes to rise later this year, as a result of the UK’s decision to vote to leave the European Union.

Speaking to the Today Programme, he said: “It’s very clear the UK is going to be poorer as a result of what’s happening to the economy. We are absolutely going to have to provide fiscal responsibility.”

When pressed if he expected to see tax increases and spending cuts, the Chancellor said: “Yes, absolutely. But that decision will come under a new Prime Minister.”

Mr Osborne did however rule out a punitive Emergency Budget in the short-term, despite previously warning that immediate changes would be necessary should the UK vote out.


Instead, the commitment to hold taxes until the next Prime Minister is appointed means any tax hikes will probably not be announced until October at the earliest.

However, in the week before the referendum, the Chancellor hinted at which hikes might need to be made to make up for the £30 billion shortfall in Government revenues caused by leaving the EU:

  • Basic rate income tax: Up 2p per pound
  • Higher rate income tax: Up 3p per pound
  • Inheritance tax: Up 5p per pound
  • Fuel duty: Up 5%
  •  Beer duty: Up 5%


In the same interview, with The Times, he also said £2 billion may need to be cut from the pensions budget.

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LoL.   From a chancellor that, when he wasnt getting his own was THREATEN the electrate. That hasnt hit a plege since he started the job six years ago..
Anyway with a new PM Osbourne will be gone.

If you can get access to the Daily Telegraph of 29/6 there is a most revealing letter from Geneva on what will happen to UK.
Don't let Cameron mess it up!