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  • 22 May 2008
    Nathalie Bonney

    Victims of unfair overdraft fees will have to wait at least a year for refunds after banks appealed a High Court's decision that could have paved the way for caps on charges.

  • Bear market
    22 May 2008

    Investors have been warned to be prepared for a UK recession as the economy continues to slow and the Bank of England focuses its attention on beating rising inflation.

  • Falling down house
    21 May 2008

    House prices will fall by 7% in 2008 as restricted mortgage lending continues to freeze the housing market, mortgage lenders have predicted.

  • Abacus
    21 May 2008

    Eighteen million families will find themselves worse off in two years
    time if the government fails to extend last week’s one-off income tax
    cut, a new report has warned.

  • House in hand
    21 May 2008

    Mortgage lenders are increasingly cutting out mortgage brokers with
    just three of the top 20 two-year fixed rate deals available through an
    adviser. But what does this mean for borrowers?

  • Office workers
    20 May 2008

    Temps and other agency workers on job placements for more than 12 weeks are to receive the same employment rights as permanent staff.

  • Inflation
    20 May 2008

    Stop high inflation eating into your pension by taking steps to increase your annual contributions.

  • 20 May 2008

    A worrying number of teenagers plan to spend on credit once they hit 18
    despite being unable to effectively budget, a new study reveals.

  • Key in lock
    20 May 2008

    First direct has re-openned its doors to new mortgage customers while Halifax has reduced rates in more signs that the cloud over the mortgage market is starting to lift.

  • Couple with bills
    19 May 2008

    Seemingly affluent households are increasing seeking debt advice as the credit crunch hits middle-England, debt organisations have reported.