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  • Welcome mat
    26 Jun 2008

    Local authorities that implement excessive council tax rises face a
    government crackdown, which could result in rebates for local

  • Westminster
    26 Jun 2008

    The government is to outline new equality plans that will outlaw age
    discrimination in the provision of products such as insurance, and
    address pay gaps between male and female workers.

  • TV sets
    26 Jun 2008

    Consumers are still spending millions of pounds on analogue television sets which will be out of date in four years, a report has revealed.

  • Mortgage file
    26 Jun 2008

    Alistair Darling has warned mortgage lenders not to take advantage of borrowers by charging unfair arrangement fees.

  • 25 Jun 2008

    Energy companies have revealed that further increases in gas and electricity bills are inevitable, but did not put a figure on how much more households would have to pay.

  • 24 Jun 2008

    A surge in retail spending may have provided some relief from the impact of the credit crunch, but new figures show shoppers are increasingly putting their purchases on plastic – and are failing to pay off their balances.

  • Piggy banks
    23 Jun 2008

    Bradford and Bingley has launched a range of saving accounts that offer a
    guaranteed rate of interest for life. But should savers be tempted?

  • Homes for sale
    23 Jun 2008

    Record numbers of properties for sale mean house sellers are increasingly lowering their asking prices by an average of £3,000, new figures reveal.

  • Man with keyboard
    23 Jun 2008

    Borrowers looking to take out payment protection insurance are now able to compare policies using impartial comparison tables from
    the financial watchdog.

  • Petrol pump
    20 Jun 2008

    The soaring cost of crude oil has resulted in record petrol price increases in June - and is also threatening to push 1.6 million households into fuel poverty.