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  • Gambling table

    Ceri Jones gives an introduction to spreadbetting, and examines the advantages of this investment technique and the reasons behind its growing popularity.

  • Basketball shot

    Most investors are familiar with the merits of traditional asset classes. However, it's far from obvious which new additions will become winners. Fiona Hamilton offers a few pointers.

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    Recognising the profit-making potential behind global trends before the investing crowd has been the key to successful thematic stockpicking. But, as Faith Glasgow discovers, it doesn't always go...

  • Die

    Ceri Jones assesses the strengths and weaknesses of spreadbetting on international companies such as Microsoft or Volkswagen rather than buying the underlying shares.

  • Rescue

    The government has taken a majority stake in RBS
    after existing shareholders snubbed a £15 billion share issue. Liam
    Tarry investigates what this bailout means for you.

  • Shareholders of the world unite

    Shareholders have a say in the running of a company but they often fail to make their voices heard. Harriet Meyer investigates shareholders' rights and the rise of shareholder activism.

  • Cartoon of man on rollercoaster

    Investing in the stockmarket has long been a white knuckle ride - particularly recently - but those who hold their nerve may stand to profit. Harriet Meyer shows why you should resist the...