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  • Europe map

    A cluster of European countries has been quietly taking the recession in its stride and attracting the attention of investors. Ceri Jones explains.

  • Rubble

    With gross yields of 7% to 8%, now is a good time to consider building exposure to bombed out property, reports Alexander Garrett.

  • Gold masks

    Experts see further strength in most commodities - including gold. But interest rate rises in developed countries could see gains melt away, writes Ceri Jones.

  • Bubble

    Developing markets are speeding along in top gear, but Heather Connon finds some fund managers worrying that the money pouring in might result in a blown gasket.

  • Rocket launch

    Commodity prices have not recovered as strongly as share prices so far, but that could be about to change as industrial production surges, argues Trevor Greetham, asset allocation director at...

  • Man panning for gold

    Gold is still a long way from its 1980 peak price. Ceri Jones examines the factors behind its recent record run and asks whether forecasts of a further doubling in price are realistic - and how...

  • Model investors

    Sam Barrett looks at how action groups can help defend shareholders when they get a raw deal, and at how those in nominee accounts can gain full access to their shares.

  • Cigars

    Stronger trading conditions have significantly improved the outlook for one tobacco giant and left a raft of other companies poised for a prosperous 2010, reports Jim Levi.

  • Gambling table

    Ceri Jones gives an introduction to spreadbetting, and examines the advantages of this investment technique and the reasons behind its growing popularity.

  • Basketball shot

    Most investors are familiar with the merits of traditional asset classes. However, it's far from obvious which new additions will become winners. Fiona Hamilton offers a few pointers.