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Thinking of dabbling in the stockmarket? We give you the lowdown on income and growth, stockpicking and where to trade.

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  • Compare Funds and Investment Trusts in a single search
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  • If you're prepared to take a long-term view - preferably for 10 years of more - investing in stocks and shares will make you richer.

  • A business man walking

    As global growth slows, funds that invest in smaller companies could give the best returns. We explain why and pick five of the best funds in this area.

  • Phone and share sheet

    One way to achieve a bespoke portfolio is to make sure you cut your cloth according to your means.

  • Buying shares doesn’t have to be such an expensive process. Moneywise TV shows you how you can pick your own stocks without paying a fortune.

  • Buy hold or sell

    Rebecca Jones speaks to Ian Mortimer, co-manager of Guinness Global Equity Income, to find out what he has been buying, holding and selling.

  • Funds pie chart

    If you have several thousand pounds to invest, it is worth creating a portfolio of several investment funds to give extra diversification and exposure to different economies, sectors and asset...

  • Gold nugget

    For the adventurous investor who is looking for something a little different, the Specialist sector may be worth considering because it contains an Aladdin’s cave of weird and wonderful funds.

  • Global meltdown

    It can’t have escaped your notice that this week, the financial news has been, to put it mildly, rather downbeat.

  • Donald Trump

    It’s very difficult to make any sense of what Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President will mean for investors in 2017. Views among investment experts range from good to bad to “we have no idea...

  • FTSE 100

    If you’ve kept an eye on the business pages this year you may have noticed something unusual – the FTSE 100 has closed the day at an unending series of highs – 14 days so far – and counting.