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Moneywise readers’ main Budget wish was for new savings incentives but they are likely to be sorely disappointed.
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  • Winners and losers

    George Osborne's sixth budget was reasonably muted, with none of the shock value of last year's announcements on pensions. That said, there will be many winners and losers from the many policies...

  • Budget 2015: At a glance

    Chancellor George Osborne is soon to deliver his sixth annual Budget. Check here for live updates.

  • Inflation graph

    The speed at which prices have been rising in the UK slowed to the lowest rate on record of just 0.3% in the year to January 2015, providing a boost to the nation's savers.

  • Inflation chart

    According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), growth in the UK's consumer prices index (CPI), which measures inflation, fell to 0.5% in December, down from 1% in November and its lowest...

  • Hot air balloons

    Inflation has fallen to 1% for the year to 30 November, 0.2% lower than predicted and the weakest it has been for 12 years.

  • Houses of Parliament

    Chancellor George Osborne delivered his 2014 Autumn Statement at 12.30pm on 3 December 2014. Here's our summary of the key announcements.

  • Winners and losers

    George Osborne hasn't got a huge amount of cash sitting around in his coffers at present, but he managed to dig deep to surprise certain sections of the population in his Autumn Statement. But...

  • Lloyds

    Some 9,000 jobs are to go at Lloyds Banking Group and 200 of its branches are set to close in the next three years, bosses have confirmed.

  • Scots vs Brits

    As Scotland heads for the polls, market pundits have warned of complacency among the investment community as both the UK and Scottish economies are likely to suffer regardless of the result.

  • Hot air baloons

    Inflation has fallen to its lowest point in five years, with prices rising by approximately 1.5% over the 12 months to August, down from 1.6% in July.