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Moneywise readers’ main Budget wish was for new savings incentives but they are likely to be sorely disappointed.
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  • Summer Budget: The winners and losers

    Chancellor George Osborne has outlined his first ‘Blue Budget' and there were some big giveaways for many people – but to pay for them, more cuts were announced too.

  • Houses of Parliament

    Chancellor George Osborne delivered his post-election 'blue' Budget on 8 July 2015. Here you'll find all the key points from his speech, which lasted well over an hour and was notable for welfare...

  • Osborne

    During his 9,847-word long summer Budget speech, chancellor George Osborne was heckled, harried, taunted and mocked by half of the house, while the other half cheered and screamed their...

  • Houses of Parliament

    Chancellor George Osborne has developed a reputation for delivering big surprises in his Budgets. But what could he have up his sleeve this time?

  • Inflation graph

    Fears that the UK may be heading for a period of prolonged deflation have eased as inflation returned, to 0.1%, in May from a contraction of 0.1% in April.

  • Falling coins

    The official measure of inflation recorded a fall of 0.1% in the year to April, the first time the price of goods and services in the UK has dipped since 1960.

  • 10 Downing Street

    With David Cameron's Conservatives heading back to No.10 alone, the 52% of Moneywise readers who told us they believed the party would be best for their household finances in our pre-election poll...

  • Inflation graph

    The UK's consumer prices index remained flat at 0% in March as the economy staves off deflation.

  • Supermarket

    Inflation has fallen to 0% for the first time since it began to be measured by the consumer price index in 1997, edging the UK closer to deflation.