Alternative investing

Alternative investments

Some unusual investments offer the prospect of decent returns. We take a look at whisky, woodland and sports tickets.

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  • telescope

    Investment funds that are domiciled offshore are more accessible to UK-based investors than ever, now they are being admitted to the IMA sectors, writes Faith Glasgow.

  • scientist with formula

    Is it possible to make good returns on low-risk investments? As Sarah Coles discovers, it's not as easy as product providers would have you believe.

  • chap with binoculars

    With savings rates and UK dividends going through the doldrums, emerging markets are looking an attractive option for income seekers. But is the opportunity as good as it sounds asks Iain Murray...

  • Lightbulbs

    Following Moneywise's recent webchat on how investors can cash in on efforts to tackle climate change, find out all the answers to your sustainable investment questions.

  • Couple steering barge

    In these tough times, income can be hard to find. But when it comes to getting decent dividends, investment trusts can play a vital role.

  • History book

    From the privatisations of the 1980s to the bursting of the dotcom bubble in the 1990s, Richard Beddard looks at how investors navigated their way through changing times, stayed afloat and thrived...

  • Ethical symbol

    Despite losing investors in the aftermath of the recession, green and ethical fund managers still see much potential ahead, says Ruth Emery.

  • metals

    Investors remain sceptical about the prospects of economic recovery and are continuing to put their faith in precious metals, says Ceri Jones

  • safe close-up

    Safety nets tend to come at a price, so it's vital to do your homework before making your move into different asset classes. Cherry Raynard examines the options.

  • boosting your income

    With inflation on the rise and interest rates low, Harriet Meyer shows how you can generate an income.