Drive and commute

Parking ticket

Make sure you know your rights if you receive a parking ticket when you've overstayed your welcome in a private car park.

Compare energy prices - switch and save
  • Compare all UK suppliers including fixed, capped and online tariffs
  • See what your bills will be with a new supplier based on your current usage, and how much you can potentially save
  • Choose a new supplier and arrange your switch in minutes for free


Rising energy bills are responsible for driving up inflation and have become so expensive debt charities warn they are contributing to rising household debt levels.

Free Car Buying Guides
  • Read about the best 4x4, Small, Executive, Eco and Family cars
  • Find out how to save tax on Green Cars
  • Petrol vs Diesel


If you're thinking of investing in a new car get a head start by requesting one of these free, independent guides.

European & Worldwide Tours with Riviera Travel
  • Book your next holiday with Riviera Travel: from short breaks and river cruises, to tours in the Middle East and tall ships cruises
  • Carefully crafted holidays with caring, professional and reliable tour managers
  • To order a brochure, call 01283 744 338 or complete the order form here.


Moneywise has teamed up with Riviera Travel - the UK's largest overseas escorted tour operator - to offer a fantastic range of holidays.

Compare broadband bundles for your postcode
  • Compare broadband packages - including bundles with digital TV and home phone
  • You only see the broadband deals available for your postcode
  • If you find a package you like - apply for it online


There are more than 200 broadband packages available. By comparing broadband deals to find the best broadband bundle, consumers can save over £200.

  • Selling a car

    If a failed MOT, collision or old age has rendered your car too costly to repair, it could be time to send it to the scrapyard. We look at the best ways to make money from getting rid of a clapped...

  • UK train

    Paying over the odds for your train journey? Confused by when you can claim for delays and cancellations? Then read our essential guide to how to save money when travelling by train.

  • Get a new car for less

    Shopping for a new car is exciting, but you can get in a spin when faced with the many choices to make. Petrol or diesel? New or secondhand? And then there’s how to finance your new motor. Here’s...

  • Company car

    Instead of choosing a company car, buying secondhand or leasing could work out cheaper. We help one reader to decide.

  • second-hand-car

    With many new vehicles depreciating in value by 30% in the first year, it can make sense to pick up a used car. Going the private route can be a cost effective way to do this – but buyers need to...

  • electric car image

    You've probably noticed more electric cars on the road and toyed with switching. We give you the lowdown on the costs involved.

  • petrol-prices

    Petrol and diesel won’t stay low forever. Moneywise finds the driving habits and discounts that will help keep the lid on fuel costs.

  • car running through coins

    The comedian Jasper Carrott used to read verbatim some of the daft excuses people put on their car insurance claims forms as a part of his stand-up routine.

  • With more and more job seekers taking non-local jobs, the daily commute is widespread throughout the UK. Here's our guide to making the most of your commute.

  • Cycle to work

    Leave crowded commuter trains and rush-hour jams behind you - and save money - by joining your employer's Cycle to Work scheme.