Owner and tenant

Searching for a new place to rent? We look at how to steer clear of rogue letting agents and landlords and avoid rip-off admin fees.

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  • Have you ever considered getting a mortgage with a friend to help with that all-important first step onto the property ladder? Our expert advises a reader in this situation and throws up some key...

  • The cost of renting hit a record high of £734 a month in August after five consecutive months of rising prices.

  • Tighter lending criteria for mortgages more people are having to rent for longer, but the UK rental system is skewed to fit the landlord and letting agent - not the tenant.

  • Renting

    Rents have risen again, leaving tenants having to scrape together an average of £718 a month in order to keep a roof over their heads.

  • Could you benefit from the schemes pairing those in need of help or company at home with those looking for somewhere affordable to rent?

  • Handing over keys

    Owning a home is beyond the reach of many, but renting can cost you more in certain parts of the country.

  • Renting

    As mortgages are becoming increasingly harder to get and homeownership remains unaffordable for the majority, more and more of us are becoming tenants.

  • credit history

    Landlords and letting agents will soon have access to information on potential tenants' rental records.

  • Olympic rings

    The Olympics are fast approaching, but if you are thinking of cashing in by renting out your home be aware that it isn’t just a case of sticking an advert online and handing over your house keys....

  • Rents in England and Wales rose by 0.1% in January to an average of £712, according to LSL Property Services.