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  • friends sharing home

    Sharing the cost of a mortgage is a good way of getting on the property ladder, but make sure you've truly thought it through. Laura Howard looks at the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them....

  • house and % sign

    Savers are getting next to nothing on their nest eggs at present, but an offset mortgage can offer the equivalent of over 4% interest tax-free, says Helen Pridham.

  • house landing on man

    If your mortgage deal has run out, chances are you're on your lender's standard variable rate, but there are much better deals to be found

  • MW mortgage awards icon

    As the mortgage market starts to move in the right direction, Nathalie Bonney reveals the providers that offer the best value and service, in the 2010 Moneywise Mortgage Awards.

  • keys to house

    There is a wide range of mortgages to pick from, despite the credit-crunch clear out. Sam Barrett looks at what might work for you.

  • Is an offset mortgage right for you?

    Offset mortgages have risen in popularity since they were introduced, but are they as good as they seem to be? Our expert advises a reader on what to look out for when considering an offset...

  • Human pyramid

    Endowment mortgages have been blighted by mis-selling scandals. Moneywise's panel of financial advisers answer your pressing questions on these controversial mortgage plans.

  • Two armchairs

    A Moneywise reader is at risk of losing his home. Debt charity, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, offers its advice.

  • Man with a key

    Whether you are a buy-to-let investor or just renting out your home until the housing market recovers, you could be in for a tough time. But, as Liam Tarry reports, you can still beat the credit...

  • Mountain rescue dog

    The government has confirmed that Northern Rock is to ramp up its mortgage lending to £14 billion by 2011, but experts are divided on whether this will help kick-start the mortgage market.