Property predictions: What will happen in 2013?

Will property prices increase or can we expect a slump in the coming year? Property expert Henry Pryor reveals what's likely to happen and how it will affect you.

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Total waste of time saving because Funding for Lending has destroyed Interest Rates to savers even more
0.5% plus QE has already devastated the incomes of Pensioners who have no option but to live on savings income
Funding for Lending has now stuck a dagger into the heart of every Pensioner whose income will have nose dived by 50% plus of course CPI does not begin to recognise true Pensioner Inflation
To steal from Savers to give to debtors and the rich is a travesty

Bang on there, Despair! A few days ago on late night SKY news heard a self appointed expert allege that the pensioners were being protected from the scourges of bankers'malpractices. All he knew about pensioners was that they are eligible for freedom passes. What idiots like him don't understand is that the majority of pensioners owning cars don't actually use the passes for travel for reasons of convenience. They also fail to grasp that pensioners earned their state pension via life-long contributions, and some even fought in WW2 to allow prats like his ill-informed type to shoot their mouths off armed with an aura of prejudice and ignorance. Sky news should be a little more selective about the kind of media commentators to use when looking through "tomorrows' papers".