Glossary: Derivative

A financial instrument where the price is “derived” from a security (share or bond), currency, commodity or index. The price of the derivative will move in direct relationship to the price of the underlying security. They often referred to as futures, options, warrants, interest rate swaps and contracts for difference (CFDs). They are mainly used for financial certainty – to protect against spikes in the prices of commodities – as a hedge, whereby investors can buy a derivative that bets the market will move against them so they protect themselves against potential losses. Derivatives are also a tool of speculation as they enable banks, traders or investors to bet on price movements without having buy the actual physical assets. As derivatives cost only a fraction of the underlying asset price, they are “geared” (leveraged in the USA) so if the price of the asset moves £1, the value of derivative could change by £10.

Relevant to: First-time investor

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