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The new pensions freedom is undoubtedly a good thing. From next April people will no longer have to purchase an annuity. Instead, they will be free to take their funds as a lump sum, use income drawdown, go down the annuity route or adopt a mixture of the above.
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Until relatively recently, coupons were the preserve of select groups of shoppers, namely harassed mums and the skint brigade. Now it seems that everybody is using them. Coupons are certainly more plentiful than they used to be but there has also been a shift in attitude.

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Six weeks – that’s a long time for a child. It’s even longer for a parent if you’ve made no plans over the summer holiday. Then add on the costs of keeping them entertained and it makes the break feel even longer – and my wallet starts to seize up.
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Forget about World Cup fever, this summer is all about Isa excitement as the country’s savers benefit from the introduction of new Isa rules that will boost their savings. If you haven’t considered saving before, now is the time to take advantage of the new and improved ‘Nicer Isa’, aka the New Isa, which is being introduced on 1 July.

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I’m not very good at getting up early, so I never have time to make myself a sandwich for work – nor am I organised enough to box up leftovers to have for lunch either.

I’ve just realised my laziness has cost me at least £700 in shop-bought lunches over the space of a year.

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As the warm days of summer finally arrive in the UK most of us have forgotten the harsh winter that brought high winds and flooding to many parts of the country.

While some of the worst affected are still in the process of rebuilding and refurnishing their properties, I have just had my very minor home damage fixed after a rather epic and drawn-out process with my insurer.

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I was an advocate of Sky’s Now TV service from day one. As a Sky customer paying £21.50 a month for its basic ‘Original’ TV package (formerly known as the ‘Entertainment pack’), upgrading to movies or sport would cost me an extra £16 or £22 a month respectively.

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Nearly 40% of today’s graduates are looking for work six months after leaving university and a quarter are still job-hunting a year on, according to a recent survey by

My son, Joseph, is one of these statistics, having graduated in English literature last summer, and he’s beginning to wonder whether he should have bothered studying for his degree.

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The Football Association has just unveiled the kit that will be worn by England players at this year's World Cup in Brazil – and it's no surprise that the replica kits it has also put on sale are as exorbitant as they are desirable for die-hard fans.

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We bought a new-build home a couple of years ago, a result of being priced out of the area we preferred and forced to look for lower-cost alternatives nearby. A new-build would not have been our first choice but the property itself has been sound.

Pros and cons aside, my home wouldn’t exist at all if Nimbys had had their way.

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