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Did you see the O2 adverts loudly proclaiming it’s been busy automatically halving bills? You couldn’t miss the ads in London – they were plastered over the enormous 40-metre long digital billboard at Waterloo Station, and all over the Tube. They annoyed me – greatly.
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The problem with energy switching is it’s painfully dull and takes far too long. But it starts off easily enough. You simply punch in your postcode into a comparison site, along with how much energy you use or how much you pay for it and some details about your current tariff. Then up springs a list of all the deals that could save you money.

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Being in debt is something that has been part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember. Since my late teens, throughout my 20s, and into my early 30s, I've been in the red. It all started when I was 18 and I sadly lost both my parents to cancer.
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Saying sorry is simple enough. Even my 18-month-old son has mastered the art, which he unfortunately has to demonstrate all too often – usually after whacking his older sister over the head with a hard plastic toy or slapping me in the face when he’s tired.
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Everybody makes financial mistakes: from doomed marriages to house insurance stuff-ups, life can sometimes feel like a high-speed car chase around the edges of various money pits.
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“It’s only £1,000 a month, in a great area, mate. A real bargain.”

And so, early on Saturday, began the latest episode in the seemingly never-ending saga of trying to find somewhere to live.

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In the past few months a furious row has developed among investment professionals, with financial journalists like yours truly caught squarely in the middle. On one side stands the active fund management industry, on the other side are proponents of ‘passive’ investing.
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When it comes to wedding planning, everyone's budget is different. For some, spending £20,000 is not considered out of the ordinary whereas for others a few grand is too much.
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Are you a regular commuter with a yearly season ticket? Expensive isn’t it? We pay more than any other European country for our train travel, especially if you commute into London. So if you have to pay out such a large part of your hard-earned cash you should at least make the most of the benefits that annual “Gold Card” season tickets offer.

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Christmas: a time of festive music, chocolate, mince pies – and excruciating office parties. But amid all the fun and frolics, some people may well be wondering about their rights on taking holiday at this time of year.
Here's our guide to the most common questions workers should ask in December.

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