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Best cash Isa rates

If you're a UK taxpayer it's always worth considering a cash Isa, even though most people can now get some savings interest tax-free.

Top easy access from RCI Bank
RCI Bank
  • 1.10% AER
  • Unlimited payments and withdrawals, with no penalties
  • Pay-in from just £100


AER is gross variable

first direct 1st Account
  • £100 signup fee - and £100 if you choose to leave after six months*
  • First £250 overdraft is interest and fee free
  • Multi award winning customer service


*Terms & Conditions apply

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RCI Bank
Freedom Savings Account

1.10% AER
(Easy access)
Min deposit: £100
Max deposit: unlimited
Max balance: £1,000,000
Full details Go to site

Post Office Money
Online Saver Issue 23

1.01% AER
(Easy access)
Min deposit: £1
Max deposit: unlimited
Max balance: £2,000,000
Full details

Newcastle Building Society
Newcastle First Home Saver

1.00% AER
(Easy access)
Min deposit: £1
Max deposit: unlimited
Max balance: £40,000
Full details
The headline rate includes a 1.00% AER bonus paid to regular savers who make at least one deposit a month. Up to £1,000 cash reward on mortgage completion with the Newcastle.

National Savings & Investments
Income Bond

1.00% AER
(Easy access)
Min deposit: £500
Max deposit: unlimited
Max balance: £1,000,000
Full details
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