Banks need to give savers a break

Low interest rates and high inflation has made it nigh on impossible
to make any money from your savings. Johanna Gornitzki demands justice for savers.

I'm trying to save for a house deposit and I'm fed up with being penalised for saving rather than spending. Yep, you heard me. Saving, not spending!

Now, how the hell did this happen?

I'm trying to be sensible and stash my cash instead of going off on some mad shopping spree getting myself a new Prada bag or whacking my next holiday on a credit card.

But am I – and all other savers – being rewarded for this?


Rates are at an all-time low. I mean, can you really call a 3% rate top paying?

Adding in rising inflation it's pretty much impossible finding a savings account where our money can grow instead of disappear.

Cheers a lot, Mr Cameron!

I know times are tough. And I know those poor mortgage holders need rates to stay low, but seriously, isn't it time to cut us savers some slack?

After all, we're the only ones left with some cash, and not some worthless credit agreement.

C'mon, give us a reason to keep saving – and not spending.